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The United States Patriots Union
"Accomplished, Focused, United as One, Faithful to the End"

"For the 80% of freedom loving taxpayers ready to run the labor unions and trial lawyers out of politics!"


The Primary Patriots Union Initiatives - Click here for a summary of the Primary Patriots Union Initiatives.

About our Coat of Arms.
God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.


A Declaration To Restore The Constitutional Republic
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The FACTS about the federal supremacy clause

Law of the Land

Agenda: Grinding America Down (Documentary DVD)
Written & Produced by Patriots Union member Curtis Bowers

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Constitutional requirements for the offices of
President and Vice President of the United States

Patrick Henry - Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death!

William Bradford - The Mayflower Compact

You can join the fight for freedom, for as little as $29.00 per year...  Your participation in PatriotsUnion.Org can make a difference.  We have gathered a core team with a wide variety of experience and expertise to provide assistance and guidance for PatriotsUnion.Org members.

The Primary Patriots Union Initiatives

The US Patriots Union evolved from a test entity formed in November 2009, which sought to convert patriotic rally energy into real actions across the country. Now is the time, and there must be a place and a way for like-minded patriots to unify in strategic action, combining individual talents and resources in a collective effort to return the power to the right people.

This is a "union" designed to confront all of the corrupt "unions" corrupted lawyers and anti-American international socialists who have collectively destroyed the freest most productive society on earth.

Patriots Union members will finally have real representation backed by a war chest able to move the constitutional conservative ball forward, even against overwhelming odds.

The Patriots Union is only the vehicle. Its the people who must take the action to take their nation back. It's "the People" who matter most!

Our Foundation

The Patriots Union is formed by and open to American citizens who believe in the following fundamental principles.

Personal Freedom
Individual Liberty
State Sovereignty and Rights
An unalienable Right to Life
Free-Market Economics
The Bill of Rights
The US Constitution as written and ratified
National Sovereignty and Security
Color Blind Justice and the Rule of Law
Our Declaration of Independence
A right to work, earn and own
A morally and ethically sound society and government

The U.S. Patriots Union is for American citizens who are fed up with the destruction of the American Dream and are ready to do something real about it.

US Patriots Union is presented as a public service.  Any donations and/or dues are NOT deductible for tax purposes.
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